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In 1925 Czechoslovakian bicycle manufacturer Laurin & Klement merged with Pizen Skodovka Co to become Skoda Auto.  The first Skoda car, the Voiturette A, was hugely successful and in the early 1900s cars began to replace their motorbike models.  The company was also producing aeroplane engines, ploughs and buses. The Type A Skoda Popular, released in the 30s was exactly that.  The revolutionary vehicle sold remarkably well with its reasonable price and 80km/h speed.  For a while the model was used for ambulances and delivery vans.  The roadster variety drove in the Monte Carlo rally of 1936. The company became a national enterprise, following the Second World War.  The new Skoda Tudor was exported worldwide, as far as Australia and in the following years the Skoda 1200 series saw a number of new models before production ceased in 1973.  In 1959 the first Skoda Octavia came into being. Throughout the 60s and 70s Skoda continued to produce more advanced generations of the Skoda Octavia, the Skoda Felicia and the Skoda Rapid.  In 1987 the introduction of the Skoda Favorit saw production increase exponentially with one of the models being designed by Bertone. Skoda began a joint venture with Volkswagen in 1991 alongside Audi and Seat.  2006 saw the release of the all-new Roomster as part of a shift under the VW partnership.  The car, with its unique design revised interior and new engines, was influential upon current Skoda models. More recently the automotive manufacturer has moved somewhat upmarket with the Skoda Superb and the latest Skoda Octavia generation.  In 2009 the Skoda Superb was named ‘Luxury Car of the Year’ in Top Gear Magazine awards.  Meanwhile the Skoda Yeti was also awarded ‘Family Car of the Year’.  Global sales of the brand hit 875,000 cars in 2011 and a new Skoda brand logo was revealed.

Imperial MEA understands the value of your Skoda hence it brings your 100% genuine Skoda spare parts for the models such as:

Fabia - Fabia Combi - Rapid - Octavia - Superb - Yeti - RS (sport versions)

Shipments to any major destination in the world at your location for any spare part that you buy from us guaranteed! We will ensure its safe delivery that is right on time with no delay at all. Our promise to deliver our customers the best service to build our relationship with them is our key essence of Imperial MEA. Key locations include North Africa, Angola, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria - South Africa, Middle East, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Gulf Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia / KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Americas, United States, Canada, South America, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, Europe, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Australia.

Service Parts ( Wear and Tear)

These are inclusive of brake pads, brake discs, engine oil, engine filters, timing belt kits, wiper blades, spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, glow plugs, anti-freeze, distributor caps, rotor arms, tensioners idlers & dampers etc, transmission oil, servo pump oil.

Suspension Parts

These parts include beam axles, control arms, kingpins, pan-hard rods, pitman arms, power steering assembly and components, rack end, shock absorbers, spindles, springs, stabilizer bars and link, struts, suspension link and bolts, adjustable pedals, axle shafts, trailing arms and many more.

Body and Structural Parts

These consists of body panels side fenders, B-pillars, windows, door handles, mud-guards, alloy rims, truck / boot, bonnets / hoods, fuel tanks, bumpers, doors, hinges, locks, handles, latches, grilles, fenders, door seal, windshields, airbags, windshield wiper system, sunroof, window seal, mirror glasses, mirror covers, centre console, head and tail lights, bench seats, fastener, headrest, dashboards, seat track, steering wheel, door panels, switches, knobs, upholstery, speakers, electrical wiring, fuse, LEDs etc.

Engine Compartment Components

These are the parts like cooling system, engine oil system, exhaust system, fuel injector system and transmission gear box system. The various parts in the engine include load-sensing valves, engines block parts, camshaft parts, air duct, air filter, distributor parts, fan belts, heater, pistons, starter motors, tappet, A/C compressor, servo pump, connecting rods, crankshafts, cylinder heads, radiators, fan blades, air blower, water pumps, water tanks, water pipes, oil filter, oil pumps, oil gaskets, oil pipes, catalytic converters, crankshaft, sump, intake manifold, drive chain, cylinder valves, exhaust gaskets, exhaust pipes, resonators, mufflers, carburettors, fuel caps, choke cables, intake manifolds, LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) system assembly etc.

Electrical Systems

These are the internal electrical systems of the vehicle which include Engine Control Unit or ECU, logic board, speedometer relay circuit, digital circuitry, on-board computer system, SAT-NAV systems, diagnostics port systems, fuse-box, LED systems, switches, sensors, electrical wiring, airbag sensors, parking sensors, rear view camera, lane change assist systems, blind-spot assist systems, motion sensors, speed limiters, auto headlight sensors, defrost system, heating or cooling system, etc.

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