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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we make it a point to ensure your privacy and take care of your personal data! To ensure seamless collaboration and trust-building, we want all our clients to have a clear understanding of the information that they need to share with us and how we use it.

Usually, we want our clients to share details with us like the following:

How Do We Use Your Information?

Some services and third-party technology, including but not limited to Google Analytics, may require us to allow them to collect and use your information.

Besides, we use your personal information for the following purposes: also reserves the right to use your general information for the following purposes:

For B2B Clients

We might use businesses’ or suppliers’ information to post on our site or use API connections to other websites when posting to social media platforms.

The information that we can share is solely decided by our B2B clients and we only post ads or information on their behalf.

Additionally, we use your information to access analytics regarding engagement rates of your postings among the platforms' audiences.

Disclosure Of Personal Information

Using our services, you consent to us sharing your Personal Information relating to the purposes above with any affiliated company.

You consent to us sharing your Personal Information with third parties in the following circumstances:

Manage Or Delete Your Information 

For the information deletion or removing your details from our email database or Customer Relationship Management systems, please request from your provider (Apple, Google, etc.).

If you still have an issue, please contact us at [email protected]. 

Cookie Policy

Like many websites, this one utilizes cookies. The majority of browsers accept cookies automatically. However, if you don't wish for that to happen with you, you can simply turn off cookies from your browser’s settings. We, however, suggest you leave the cookies “turned on” to enjoy a better experience on this Website.

You may occasionally get cookies from companies advertising on our behalf. We do not control these cookies, and hence they are not subject to this Privacy Policy.