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Volkswagen ID 4 Lite Pro Tips And Tricks You Must Know


The Volkswagen Id.4 Pro Lite Crozz has taken the automotive market by the storm and for several right reasons. However, the new ID4 owners are often found asking if there is anything that can help them enjoy their VW Id4 Lite Pro at the maximum.

So, we decided to compile some amazing tips for new ID4 owners that could help anyone. Mind you, these tips are compiled after talking to several id4 owners, most of whom have been driving this vehicle regularly for around 4-6 month.

Make sure not to miss these tips if you really want to make the most of your new Volkswagen ID 4 Pro range:


1.   Know What The Unlock Button Can Do

Let us say you charge your ID 4 overnight and when you get up in the morning, you have to remove the charging cable. But, not everyone’s a morning person, right? If you are one such lazy lad, knowing the power of unlock button can do wonders for you especially when you don’t want to go inside the Volkswagen ID 4 vehicle just to get the charger out.

In this case, you can simply press the unlock button twice. Doing so, you can see the green charging light turning white and you can easily pull out the charger. This double pressing button can come in really handy at service stations and whenever your charger or infotainment screen gets stuck.

So make sure you remember this amazing id.4 charging tips always!

2.   Choose The Charging Time Yourself

If you live somewhere expensive, you might not want your Volkswagen ID 4 pro to charge itself during the peak hours when electricity costs get sky high.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to keep the car unplugged the entire day just so it doesn’t charge during that specific time window.

Rather, you can simply define the time frame for the vehicle to charge and outside of that time, your car won’t charge even when it is plugged.

Simply, use the infotainment screen to set up the location where the car will be plugged to charge. Then choose the preferred charging time, check the box, and save this setting. From now, you never have to worry about your car charging increasing your electricity bills ever.

3.   Right Way To Charge On Public Stations

Many owners complain about not being able to charge their Volkswagen id.4 models at public stations like the electrify America or a few others such.

Here’s how to make sure that there is no glitching on your Volkswagen Id 4 when it is plugged to charge on public stations. The tip is to make sure that you get a faster charging speed than your Volkswagen id.4 charger claims to charge it.

So, if your charging speed is at 150KW, get a charger that offers anything above it. Use your infotainment screen to see which charger you’re at. Then, use the location information to locate the right charger, then process with the payment, and only plug in the charger when the screen asks you to. This way, your charging will start without any glitch, and you’ll be good to go.

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