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Why Are Kia Cars So Affordable And Still Powerful?


In recent years, Kia cars have gained significant popularity. There are a variety of reasons why this is happening. One of them is because these vehicles are very affordable. This is probably why every other car enthusiast now want to buy a Kia car.

However, despite being so cost-effective, Kia cars never make any compromise. Almost all their models have stylish designs, several safety features, and so much more to love about all the Kia cars from Kia Sorento to Kia Telluride.

Today, we are going to share three amazing reasons that explain as to why all the Kia cars are so affordable. So, let us dig into this:


Kia Has Their Own Metal-Producing Foundry

You might know that even the biggest car manufacturers outsource the task of metal production for their vehicles or export the metal from someone else. This induces a lot of cost because the metal used for a vehicle’s body isn’t something common and easy to make.

The metal portion of a car costs a lot because of the price of steel. Automotive brands add this cost with extra profits to the price of a vehicle. However, this is not the case with Kia cars.

Kia and Hyundai don't have to pay extra for the metal because they own a foundry, a factory that produces metal parts. That means they can produce their own metal parts, saving money. This ultimately allows them to price their cars at a lower rate compared to their competitors.

Kia Cars Don’t Use Expensive Plastic or Metal In The Vehicle’s Body

Another reason why even new Kia cars are not very expensive is because the Kia brand does not use any extra-expensive metal, aluminum or plastic in the car’s build.

Don’t worry!

This does not mean that these automobiles are low in terms of quality. This Korean carmaker is very smart and knows how to apply the concept of "economical usage of material" without compromising on the product's appearance and quality.

You can yourself see how so many Kia cars offer an attractive and classy interior with strong exterior that lasts for years.

These Cars Can Import In American Market Without Paying A Tariff

Isn’t it surprising?

This automotive company doesn’t have to worry about importing to the world’s biggest automotive market in America because they don’t have to pay the hefty Tariff fees! This is because it has an assembly plant in the country.

That plant, though, produces only two models: the Telluride and the Sorento. (The third vehicle produced there, the K5, was discontinued last year.) More importantly, the West Point Assembly Plant doesn’t build cars; instead, it builds parts that are then sent overseas to be assembled elsewhere.

However, this really helps with keeping the costs of cars low as compared to Kia competitors. Isn’t this great?

While Kia cars are already cost-effective, you can always save up more on maintenance and replacements by trusting a genuine dealer like when finding new spare parts for your Kia Cars!

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