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What Is The New Volkswagen ID Lineup All About - Explained


Volkswagen, like many other car manufacturers, is moving into the future and adopting sustainability. The company recently announced its first fully electric SUV, the ID.4. and now we are also hearing news about ID.6 coming soon. Some drivers might wonder, what exactly does the ID stand for in the name?


The company has a great the answer to this. According to them, the ID abbreviation stands for “intelligent design, identity, and visionary technologies". From here on, all the all-electric vehicles that Volkswagen releases will be under the ID heading.

Volkswagen says that they've chosen to go with the ID for their new electric vehicle because they feel it represents their vision of the future. If anyone were to look at the Volkswagen Id6 and ID 4 features, they would know that the brand is sticking to its futuristic ideas very well.

The Features Of Volkswagen ID Intelligent Design

Wondering what this concept of intelligent design is all about? Well, let us give you a brief idea. After the Volkswagen id 4 and Volkswagen id 6, the brand has decided to utilize the company’s modular electric drive matrix. The design will be employed for future vehicles like VW Id 7 and VW Id 8 too.

Under this design, the cars will have compact exterior but will provide ample space inside. This is accomplished through the combination of a short front end with an elongated wheelbase – the signature style you’d see in all Volkswagen ID cars in Dubai, USA, and elsewhere. A visual example of this can be seen in the Volkswagen id 4 interior.

Other Benefits Of Volkswagen ID Concept

  • A single battery charge is enough to drive to considerably far away places, thanks to the well-designed electrical matrix.
  • In areas with good highways and less traffic issues, the EPA of the Volkswagen ID cars is quite impressive. For example, if you want to Buy ID 4 From Dubai and use it in the UAE, you can easily expect to cover about 250 miles per charge.
  • Another thing that the Volkswagen well-designed electrical matrix brings to the table is the quick rechargeability. Give it only 40 minutes and it can go from 5% to 80% - that too at public charging stations.

So, this is all we knew about the Volkswagen ID concept. In case you need information regarding ID 6 Volkswagen, Volkswagen id.6 price, volkswagen id 6 range, or want to buy Volkswagen ID 6 Dubai, keep checking this place and you’d surely like sticking around!

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